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Secure Dating

The Net is today filled with suspecious dating site. That's why we created International Dating Guild. All members of International Dating Guild follows a number of strict guidelines that gives you a lot of safety when you choose a dating site.

But that's not all. You can read others reviews of dating sites all over the net, or write your own reviews.

When you join a dating site that is a member of International Dating Guild you can expect:

 »  No false profiles.
 »  No false messages.
 »  That members that spam other members will be black listed.
 »  That all members that are known scammers are black listed.
 »  All password are crypted.
 »  That the site will not sell your profile.
 »  That your photos, videos or profile information will not be used in marketing material.
 »  That it is easy to cancel your membership.
 »  That you will be notified before your subscription is renewed.
 »  That it is possible to contact the dating site
 »  That you can see who owns the dating site.
 »  The dating site uses SSL.
 »  Daily backup.

You will therefore be in very good hands if you join a site that is a member of International Dating Guild.